When 16-year-old Kameron first came to Youth Villages, she knew she needed help. She had a traumatic upbringing and was struggling with severe depression and aggression.

“Kameron’s trauma made her feel scared, angry and aggressive toward other kids and her family,” said Lecretia Franklin, assistant director of community-based programs at Youth Villages. “But with individual therapy, family therapy and the therapeutic drumming program, she learned to express herself and work through her feelings in a positive way.”

After successfully completing residential treatment at the Youth Villages-Inner Harbour campus, Kameron was ready to return home to her adoptive mother and two sisters.

“Sometimes that transition from residential care back into the community can be difficult,” Lecretia said. “But that’s why the YV Intercept program is so helpful. The program helped Kameron learn how to be with her family again.”

Family Specialist Felicia Crawford met with Kameron individually and with her family several times each week.

“Felicia taught us the importance of working through issues as a family,” her mother, Carolyn, said. “My girls used to argue constantly, and the blame was often placed on Kameron. But now, we realize we all have things to work on, and I’ve seen positive changes in everyone.”

Felicia helped Kameron and her family talk through fears, insecurities and needs. By working together, Kameron realized that she is not the cause of her family’s struggles. Instead, she is part of the solution for her family’s healing.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Kameron and her whole family,” Felicia said. “Now, they have the tools to move forward and continue to succeed. Kam is my girl and she has the brightest future ahead of her.”